Online Intelligent Teaching Platform

Online and Offline Mixed Teaching Management Platform Based on Teaching Process

classroom whole process management
Live Online Teaching
Online Classroom Tools
Multiple teaching scenarios
Real-time data analysis
International teaching

Prepare lessons before class, monitor students' learning situation during class, and review after class, so as to meet teachers' teaching scenes in an all-round way and improve teaching quality.

Meet the interactive scene of online teaching, students participate in the discussion, there is no limit to the number of people in the live broadcast room, and mobile phones and computers can view it.

Classroom attendance, questions, answers, courseware interaction, test questions interaction, brainstorming, make the classroom easier

Classroom assignments, classroom quizzes, final exams, courseware materials, easy to carry out teaching activities

Real-time data monitoring, visual analysis of data, evaluation of the teaching process, a key export report, improve the quality of teaching

Fit the needs of international teaching, communication without borders

Diverse, rich and iterative, to help colleges and universities OMO teaching form.

I doctoral guides closely follow the teaching needs and continuously update them.

Diverse courses
Focus on various core courses related to economic management, new business education collaboration platform.
rich resources
Through the content strategy of PGC and UGC, the idoctoral guidance platform has gathered rich systematic teaching resources to facilitate colleges and universities to carry out OMO teaching.
On-line communication
iPhD is not only an online education platform, but also a communication and docking platform that brings together outstanding teachers and students in China.
Online training
Integrate the training products under the tutors and carry out training teaching online.
Multidimensional Activities
I doctoral guides provide teaching activities for colleges and universities across the country through online, making the teaching of colleges and universities more colorful.
Private deployment services are available
Provides effective control over data and security, flexible deployment methods, and tailorable features
Resources are shared within the system
Across information silos, break down the linkage barriers of different systems, and achieve efficient communication and comprehensive integration of information
Network information security
The whole process of information transmission is encrypted, and the perfect authority management mechanism effectively ensures the information security of the system