Live streaming e-commerce

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This set of courses comprehensively and systematically explains the relevant knowledge of live streaming e-commerce. Taking the overall operation process of live streaming e-commerce as a clue, this paper describes the operation mode of the live streaming e-commerce team, sorts out the main links, platform selection and main personnel division of labor of live streaming e-commerce, and quickly has an overall understanding of the preparation, team, implementation and improvement of live streaming e-commerce. The course consists of 7 chapters, mainly introducing the overview of live e-commerce, the selection of live e-commerce platforms, the selection and pricing of live streaming e-commerce, the creation of live e-commerce anchors, the construction of live e-commerce scenarios, the implementation of live e-commerce, and the analysis of live broadcast effects. The course content is easy to understand, clearly structured and easy to learn. Courses are accompanied by quiz questions to help consolidate and strengthen the memorization of knowledge points. This course can be used as an auxiliary teaching content for e-commerce and online marketing related professional courses, and is also suitable for learning and reference from e-commerce and network marketing staff.
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